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Niquitin Cq Lozenges Quit Smoking With These!

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I have been a heavy smoker for many years, I first started smoking at the age of 12 for the usual reasons, I thought I looked cool and all my friends smoked, obviously it wasn't cool, it was the worst thing I ever did, anyway I smoke around 40 - 60 per day (I know thats just ridiculous). I have tried on several occassions to quit and had no luck.

One of the quit smoking aids I tried was Niquitin CQ Lozenges and out of everything I tried these were the best, however along with taking these or any other nicotine replacement therapy willpower is also needed to suceed.

Why I decided to quit, or at least try to quit...

Well for obvious reasons, health benefits, too expensive, to stop smelling like an ashtray and for my kids!! anyway I kept thinking about all the benefits of quitting, especially for the benefit of my kids, so I decided to purchase the Nicquitin CQ Lozenges, they are available in packs of 36 or 72, at first I bought the 36 pack, being a heavy smoker I also had to have the 4mg strength, however for people who dont smoke as heavy they can take the 2mg strength lozenges.(not sure if there is a price difference between the two strengths) Also the lozenges come in mint or original flavour, I chose the mint flavour.


The lozenges come in a small blue and white cardboard box, with the obvious information on, inside the box there are three strips of blister packaging holding the lozenges, 1 instruction leaflet and a click to quit card, the card gives a number to call or website to visit to get a free tailored stop smoking plan.

How to use

Basically take a lozenge everytime you have the urge to smoke, pop a lozenge into your mouth and suck until you get a strong taste, then just hold the lozenge at the side of your mouth until the strong taste passes, for the first 1 - 6 weeks take at least 9 lozenges per day, but no more than 15, then from week 7 -9 then reduce the amount to 1 lozenge every 2 -4 hours, then again reduce to 1 lozenge every 4 - 8 hours, It is possible to experience some side effects from taking these, they are all mentioned on the instruction leaflet, the only side effect I experienced was having the hiccups everytime a took a lozenge.


I wouldn't say these were the nicest things I have ever tasted, but they weren't the worst either, although they are mint flavoured, the mint taste is very mild, the lozenges do taste slightly powdery at first, but the powdery taste does fade after a short period of time.

Do they work?

Well I managed to stay off the cigarettes for just over two weeks, I started smoking after a night out with my cousin, I intended on smoking 1 cigarette but I lost the willpower to quit after smoking the intended 1 cigarette and have smoked ever since, so in my opinion yes the lozenges work as long as you have the willpower to quit!

My Opinion

These Lozenges are very good!! I just lost my willpower, however should my willpower ever return I would use these lozenges again.

Thanks for reading