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Nivea Baby Powder

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By ladychai on
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They say, baby powder is not advisable for babies but if you have a daughter who, just like her father, has coping mechanism when it comes to cold climates but not the warm ones, you'd be sure to find skin problems because of the sweat.

The doctor once told us that there were a lot of bacterias and fungi in her skin, this caused rashes and skin allergies. Creams are able to cure them but not prevent them. So the next best thing is to make sure that she will not sweat a lot. But if you have climate as tropical as the philippines, sometimes this is unavoidable. Then I tried this Nivea product since I kept on changing her liquid soap because it seems that when she gets immune to her current soap she will then experience the skin allergies once again. The baby bath comes with a free Nivea baby powder. I used to give the baby powder to her nanny or to her teenage cousins until one night, my daughter cried a lot because her skin is very itchy. As a mother it is very agonizing to see your child in pain and it is bad that yu can't do anything about it but to watch and say something to ease that pain as if the effect is great. I glance upon the baby powder which I haven't given yet to my nieces. I reckon maybe i'll try it just to lessen the suffering of my daughter. It took a while for my daughter to stop crying however the itch never came back and she was able to resume her goodnight's sleep. I say, maybe the product works.

I tried it again the next night and the night after and after a few weeks I notice that her skin is smoother compared to before. My daughter got accustomed to put powder in her delicate areas and now she would demand to be powdered before she sleeps.

The powder really helped my daughter a lot and it has a very nice smell too. Now that the bath product does not come with a free powder anymore, I would include it on my grocery list already. My daughter loves her powder that she can't get enough of it.

There was one time I was bitten by a mosquito and I scratched a lot, my daughter offered to put powder on the bite, she was even the one who placed the powder on the bitten part of my legs, a true testament that tells me that this powder really helped my daughter.

I am rather glad that this product was invented...