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Nivea Creme: Sticky, Heavy, Greasy And Disappointing

Reviewing: Nivea Blue 20 Ml Case  |  Rating:
Mimpi Gh By Mimpi Gh on
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The cool Nivea Creme case with not so good stuff inside.

Nivea Cremeis supposed to smoothen and soften skin, which is why I had picked up one container during the cold season, a few years back. My skin is oily, and I have lost faith in even the reputed brands of body lotions and creams. My facial skin seems to react heavily since it is ultra sensitive to foreign applications like oil based lotions. Even the water based creams do not suit my facial skin during summers. As a result, my facial skin is unprotected most of the times, and also has faced problems in the past while trying on different moisturizing products. The worst probably was my experience with the Nivea Creme.

While on one of my weekend shopping outings, I decided to buy and give the Nivea Creme a try. The blue container is beautiful and appealing, and the price (3$ for 20 ml) is affordable for a good brand. I applied a generous amount of the cream on the first day. It was by the third day that I realised that I had made a mistake. The cream was meant for intensive therapy, for very dry skin types. My skin was certainly not suited for it. But by the time I had realized this, I already had nurtured pimples all over my cheeks, forehead, neck and forearms. It took me days to recover from this reaction. The blemish stayed longer.

Later, I thought it would be good for my mom who has extremely dry skin. She started applying it before going to bed. However, it did not also suit her as well. The sticky feeling was disturbing and she could feel the pores suffocating. She, also, stopped applying the Nivea creme.

Nivea Creme is thick, heavy and clogs the skin pores, so much so that, the skin cannot breathe. I tried diluting it with water even, but it just would not work. Also, the thick grease has to be stretched really hard over the skin in order apply it evenly. It’s a hassle not only to apply, but also to take off. I was dissatisfied greatly.

In my opinion, the Nivea Creme would only be suitable for intensive moisturizing of the rough spots like the heels, elbows, knees. I would not recommend it to anyone having even slightly sensitive skin. The cream has the signature Nivea aroma and probably is the only good thing I would associate with the product.