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No Chew, No Work!

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Mia Blaisdell By Mia Blaisdell on
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I have a total of 6 cats in my household, all with different personalities and quirks. All of which I love very much, except for some of their quirks that they seem to get into mischief over, especially my notorious "chewers"! They love to chew on things ranging from electric cords, plastic plants, plastic bags and wrappers, cardboard boxes, you name it! So I really needed a safe way to get them to stop that would keep them from chewing on things that would harm them.I found a product at Petsmart by NaturVet called Bitter Yuck! No Chew Spray. It's a 8 Oz spray bottle of clear liquid. The formula is water based (active ingredient: Rosemary .5%) and non-stinging like other formulas can be. It's also alcohol free and which is safe for use on plants. According to the directions on the bottle, it's also safe for use to to prevent chewing of:

* Hot Spots

* Wood

* Paws

* Bandages

* Wounds

* and more..

This sounded wonderful and I bought some and started lightly misting plastic plants and such. I also took and sprayed some on a cloth, and wiped electric cords and things that I simply could not spray for safety reasons. Well it did not work, at all! They continued to chew on them regardless of the spray. I thought something might be wrong with it, maybe the solution was weak or something, so I tried a little dab on my finger, something I don't advise because it is nasty! It's really bitter! Blah!

So, I simply don't understand why this did not work. Maybe I have weird cats that like Rosemary? Who knows. Anyway, I did find a alternative to taming my chewers and have that problem under control. But as far as this product goes, it doesn't work to curb unwanted chewing for every cat, so keep that in mind when buying!