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No Claws On The Furniture With Sticky Paws

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Mia Blaisdell By Mia Blaisdell on
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I'm a cat lover, and in my opinion my cats are more than just pets, they are a part of my family. But, even though they are considered part of the family, they are indeed felines, and felines have the need to scratch. They scratch things with their claws not only to sharpen and maintain them, but also to mark a territory with their scent. Which in the past had left my furniture looking rather ragged. But seeing how my couch was old and seen it's better days, I didn't mind scratching so much.Then the time came when the old couch had to go and I needed a new one. I looked at many products that were geared toward stopping unwanted clawing of furniture, but none seemed like it would be effective. Since I refuse to de-claw any of my cats, I needed a alternative solution. Then I ran across Sticky Paws for Furniture in Petsmart and got it, the day after getting the new couch, and it's worked like a charm!

Sticky paws are transparent adhesive strips that you apply directly to the furniture material. These can also be used on drapes and carpeting as well where there is undesired scratching. You can apply them easily and they peel off without leaving any residue or harming furniture or fabric. Sticky paws is in a variety of types:

* Sticky Paws for Furniture / 24 count / 12" x 2" strips (what I use on my couch)

* Sticky Paws for Furniture XL / 5 count / 9" x 12 strips (for larger coverage)

* Sticky Paws for Furniture on a roll / 32 feet

I don't recommend the roll though, it does not apply the same as the strips, and doesn't stay put as well. You simply won't get the same results. My neighbor went and bought the roll instead of the strips and I saw first hand how it worked out. As far as my couch and using the strips goes, it's great! It's been over a year and the new couch still looks new! They tried I think twice to claw and that was it, once they got a feel of the Sticky Paws on their pads, they didn't like it one bit and stopped. I apply 6 strips to places they like to scratch, and change them once every 3 or 4 months. I don't recommend using this product without providing your cat a alternative source for scratching. A scratching post, pad, etc, and be sure to read the packaging fully before applying to any surface.

Your cat does need to scratch period and as a responsible pet parent, it's our job to make sure those needs are met to have happy healthy cats! If you do both you and your cats will be happy, and your furniture won't look like shredded wheat or swiss cheese!