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No Compromise Top Quality Cassette Deck Recorder

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Having a Deck Cassette recorded used to be an important symbol of professionalism in the near past. These devices aren't just recording cassettes, they are made to record them at the highest quality. Though this is often debated, with 2-cassette decks falling behind on quality, the Sony TC-K620 is an excellent example if you are after quality and still want to use analog cassettes for listening.

One advantage of analog is that the values are more continuous, they aren't stored precisely as in digital data, which usually makes them never sound the same. This can have a pleasant effect to some people. I received it from my father and I am very satisfied with this product.

First of all, it comes with 3 heads: one for recording, one for playback, and one for erasing. This is extremely important. The impedance of these is tuned precisely for their function -- whereas in most cassette recorders, even some decks (especially those with 2 cassettes), the playback & recording head is joined into one. This has an ill effect on quality, because the impedance has to be suitable for both so they compromise. By having 3 heads specialized for their own purpose, this problem disappears and you can be sure you get the perfect impedance for the function (recording/playback).

Furthermore, 3 heads allow you to listen exactly to what you just recorded. This is important if you want to experiment with different settings on a perfect recording. If you couple this with a high-quality soundcard and high-samplerate and high-bitrate computer output, you can do even more before it gets to the analog stage.

The heads are made of some glass material that is supposed to never wear out, an impressive feature might I add; a concept which I have come to believe after so many use and the heads still look brand new. It may look a bit big from the outside, but on the inside it's mostly empty. I had a few overheating problems with it but nothing severe, be sure to put it in a well ventilated room or air conditioned room.

It has an incredible number of features, HX-Pro is one which I frequently use because it does not need special playback (it can be played back on any walkman or any cassette player) without loss of quality. There's too many features so I will list them here as vintage cassette lists them:

* Noise Reduction

o Dolby-B Noise Reduction

o Dolby-C Noise Reduction

o Dolby HX Pro®

* Heads

o 3 Head Design

* Display

o 4-Digit Digital Counter

o Linear Tape Counter

o Peak Hold

o Digital Peak-Reading Meters

* Tape

o Automatic Tape Type Selection

o Chrome Tape Capability

o Normal Tape Capability

o Metal Tape Capability

* Exterior

o Front Loading

o Orientation Left

* Operation

o Full Logic Transport Control

o Music Scan

o Real-Time Tape Monitoring

o Record Mute

o Timer Recording/Playback

* Special Finish

o Gold-Plated Headphone Jack

* Preamplifier

o Record Level Balance Control

o Headphone Volume Control

o Master Record Level Control

* Connectivity

o Headphones

o RCA Input/Output Connectors

o Wireless Remote Control

* Transport

o Single Capstan Transport

o Belt Drive

o Motorized Tape Loading

o Auto Shutoff (Full)

* General

o Stereo

* Speed

o 1 7/8 ips - 4.76 cm/s

If you are after top quality for your audio cassette collection, and you can still get your hands on this product, I really recommend it. You may not have 2 cassettes like most decks out there, but at least you won't compromise quality. And let's face it, that's what matters in a deck.

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