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No Dig For Dogs? No Work!!

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I have three dogs: two senior Bichon Frises, and a 3 year old Akita. All of them dig. If I stop watching them for 30 seconds, a Bichon-deep hole appears. Their yard, formerly known as my backyard, looks like it's been shelled, with craters everywhere.

I've tried every method suggested by my dog trainer, and by Cesar the Dog Whisperer on TV. I've buried tin foil; apparently digging that up was fun. I've buried "poo-poo;" that was just a hidden treat (dogs can be disgusting); I didn't want to try the water method, because three dusty dogs are bad enough -- three muddy dogs is just too much. In despair, I turned to chemistry: No-Dig Spray from Pet Organics. They say it's ready to use, harmless to all living things, and long lasting.

I would suggest that they change the name to "Dig Right Here." I sprayed heavily on the filled in areas along the fenceline where my dogs do most of their digging; the next time they went out, they sniffed all around the backyard. Aha, I thought to myself; they are smelling it, and they will avoid it! I was wrong. They began to dig in the area I had sprayed the most heavily. It just does not work; it was a complete waste of $9.99, and a couple of hours of my life. I haven't tried it, but I'm wondering if the No-Go spray that Pet Organics makes means "Go Right Here" to dogs like mine.