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No Dropped Calls...We'll See About That

Reviewing: At&T 450 Minutes, Unlimited Data Plan  |  Rating:
Monica Cruz By Monica Cruz on
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I have always been a T-Mobile customer, but when AT&T acquired the iPhone and my T-Mobile contract had just finished...well, I switched because I took the Apple and ate it! (Apple iPhone, get it?)

Anyway, I had always thought T-Mobile was excellent- good reception, good coverage, affordable plans, and the like. I had 1000 anytime minutes, 400 text messages, unlimited nights/weekends for $39.99 No complaints.

I switched to AT&T and got the 450 anytime minutes, 200 text messages, 5000 night/weekend minutes, and unlimited M2M calling for $59.99, with rollover minutes. I have not come close to using nearly 1000 night/weekend minutes much less 5000.

You would think I would like the T-Mobile plan better- well I do and I don't. With T-Mobile any call I made used minutes. With AT&T, any call I make to an AT&T customer doesn't use any minutes which is great when you have a mom, best friend, and fiance all on AT&T. I can talk away to any of them knowing that my anytime minutes are not being used up. That's awesome!!

Where AT&T really fails is there whole dropped call business. Technically I guess, they are right because it never makes the call to begin with, so if there's no call, there's no dropped call. So many times I have tried to make calls repeatedly with no luck! Once it took me (no kidding) 32 attempts to make a phone call to Time Warner Cable. (a whole different review)

So while AT&T offers more flexibility than T-Mobile with how you use your minutes, I still don't think the customer service nor coverage area is on par with that of T-Mobile. If it wasn't for the iPhone, I more than likely would not have switched over. However, for the unlimited e-mail and web browsing on the iPhone Data Plan, this price is quite good. For Road Runner Internet at home I pay $54.95, while I can use my iPhone to do the same thing and make phone calls for $59.99!!

In conclusion, I guess a dropped call is all in the ear of the beholder.