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No Fashion Statement Just Pure Cotton Comfort

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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If JC Penney ever stops carrying this underwear I’ll have to shoot myself. Seriously, buy this underwear so that they know there are people out there who just want cotton next to their skin.

I’ve been wearing the same underwear for 40 years! O, well, not the same pair... just the same style. I’m really allergic to polyester, and nylon and elastic aren’t so great either. I seem to be able to tolerate the elastic from a waistband, but just can’t abide elastic at the leg holes.

Do you know how hard it is to find good, cotton, band leg briefs? JC Penney has been holding out for decades, continuing to sell this style. I have to wonder how many women really buy them, and how long it will be before they cave in to the probable reality that this style is a low percentage of their revenue. But some of us really need these, and so far, every time I’ve needed new ones they’ve still been available.

In all the years I’ve been buying them, only once have they been less than top quality. One package had bad waistband elastic that shredded before the fabric wore out, and I think it must have been a fluke, because subsequent pairs have been fine.

They are full cut, and made of 100% combed cotton, with a cotton band leg, and double crotch panel. There is a tag sewed into the side seam. This usually doesn’t seem to irritate, but could easily be cut out without damaging the garment. They are currently offered in three size ranges with three sizes in each range: Misses 5-7, Misses 8-10, and Plus 11-13. They are offered in 6-packs of white only or a mixed package of 2 pink, 2 nude, and 2 white. Full price is $24-28 for the 6-pack, but they are often on sale. I recently paid $18 for the 6-pack.


Update On Jul 29, 2010: I just ordered more of these this spring, so you can still get them. JC Penney has added a feedback feature, and there were several comments that people really depend on this underwear, so we can only hope that the company is listening to those of us who want them!