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No Finicky In This Bod!

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lexxia By lexxia on
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On the opposite end of the finicky scale in our family of pets is our little adopted cat. This little darling can eat her weight and then some on a daily basis if you allowed it. She will eat vegetables, spagetti, chinese noodles, salmon on bread, eggs - there is nothing this girl will not try to wolf down.

Her constant cry for something to eat had me a little worried for awhile until we ensured that she is just one healthy, happy cat who just loves the fine art of pigging out!

We started her out with a kitten food because when my daughter found her tucked in bushes outside their apartment last fall, she was all of a few pounds in weight and was very malnourished. We bought kitten food that was specifically designed to deal with kittens who had just come off of weaning and true to her little self - she loved the stuff. As she thrived we watched for tell tale signs that she was going to be able to graduate to a more adult food and about 3 months ago we finally switched her to Whiska's Indoor Cat food.

She is a beautiful cat with long, luscious fur that is a mottled coloring of gray with cream and orange delicately splattered here and there and her personality is such that there isn't a person yet who has been able to resist her charming nature. Due to the fact that she is a long haired cat I was worried about those little fur ball episodes so we purchased an additional bag of cat food specifically developed to combat those times. We usually give her a good helping of the "hairball" treatment food once a week and so far this has really worked out well for her. That treatment is also by Whiskas.

The cat food is small nibblet sized pieces that include beef, chicken and vegetables and she loves the stuff - but did we have any doubt!

This food comes in 1.5kg bags and one bag will last our little piglet roughly a month. She's fed in the morning and usually she has snarfed her dish contents down by afternoon and is looking for more. Since we got her she has gone from a very scrawny few pounds to about 6 pounds and is very healthy. Her coat is beautiful and she doesn't shed unless we brush her, which we try to do almost daily.

The food is only about $5 per bag which is very reasonable and a time or two I've actually seen our miss finicky Jack Russel help herself to the food as well so obviously even finicky Russel's don't mind it.

We found that the cat loves the Whiskas line of foods in her snacks too and she loves to present her paw to me in order to claim the snack I'm holding out to her - next will be getting her to lie down on command before getting her treat ;)

Overall, the Whiskas brand of cat food seems to be ensuring our little adoptee remains healthy and happy and so far she loves it - but then again, when you're an oinker don't you love just about anything you can put in your mouth? ;)