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No Hands One Touch Can Opener

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By elenah on
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In principle, the No-Hands One-Touch Can Opener is a great idea. On the rare and brief occasions that it works, it is wonderful. You just set it on the can and push the button and then you are free to do other kitchen prep work. When you come back, the can is open and ready to go with no sharp edges. In reality, that happens rarely. What usually happens is that you have to repeat the procedure several times to get the can open all the way around. It requires two double A batteries. The first can opener we bought just stopped working. Even new batteries would not revive it. We called the store where we bought it (Linens 'N Things) and we were told to call the customer service 800# for the product. Customer Service for this product is over-seas. The first 3 times I called, someone told me to "hang on", then disconnected me. The 4th time I spoke with a person who I could barely understand. I was told there was nothing they could do and that I should take it back to the store. I did take it back and Linens 'N Things replaced it. One picture is of the top of the product. The other picture shows the bottom of the replaced can opener with a sharp piece of metal (from a green bean can) protruding out of it. The batteries ran down on the 2nd can opener while I was opening the can and since the product has no "release", it was locked on the can. I had to set the can aside (with the lid only partly off and the green beans still inside) until my husband was able to get a screw driver and a pair of pliers and get the can opener off of the can of green beans. The "replacement" can opener with attached piece of sharp metal is going in the trash as soon as I finish this review. I am really disappointed because this is such a great concept. However, the manufacturer/inventer needs to go back to the drawing board.You can buy this product online by searching the name, or at many retail stores. Unless you just don't have enough stress and frustration in your life right now, I would advise against it.