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No Limit Hold 'Em Theory And Practice

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No Limit Hold 'Em Theory and Practice from David Sklansky and Ed Miller is the long awaited book from 2 + 2 on deep stacked no limit Texas hold 'em cash games.

The majority of books tend to focus on tournament play, as that's what's most popular and what we usually see on TV. As 2 + 2 is one of the top gambling book publishers, this book was eagerly awaited by the poker community. Sklansky has a long history as a well known all around player, and Ed Miller came onto the scene with a very analytical look at limit hold 'em. Although neither is probably discussed in the circles of top no limit hold 'em cash players, this book is easily one of the best texts on the matter.

The book discusses many ideas, some general concepts like bluffing, semi-bluffing, aggression, playing position, the gap concept, the fundamental theory of poker, etc. However, it gets into specifics with deep stacked cash games where you can often make a variety of bets and the goal is to try to get your opponents entire stack into the pot when you have a great hand. It discusses raising sizes, adjusting to specific types of opponents and games, and even gives a preflop hand suggestions, although they state several times that their preflop starting hands are just suggestions and a winning player should be able to play with a variety of styles. There are sections on playing shorthanded, multi-level thinking, playing shortstacked in deep stack games, and there's plenty of charts in the back discussing hand rankings. There's also a short section on tells as well.

Unlike some 2 + 2 books like Small Stakes Hold 'Em or Harrington on Hold 'Em, this book doesn't have a lot of overly specific examples or tons of quizzes. It's more of a theoretical text, discussing all the topics relevant to no limit Texas hold 'em. That said, this is a great intermediate text on no limit hold 'em and one of the few books written specifically for cash games and not a mix of cash and tournaments or tournaments alone. A must have for anyone starting their journey into cash games or trying to take themselves to the next level.