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No More Batteries For The Wireless Mouse

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I bought this for my mom last Christmas and she loves it. The name is slightly deceiving, though. There is a wire, but it is attached to the mouse pad, not the mouse. As long as the mousepad is left stationary, you won't have to deal with a wire. The mouse gets its power from the mousepad, so it has to be on the pad to work. The pad is large enough that this shouldn't be a problem for most people. The mouse can also be lifted a few inches above the pad and still get power, so you can put another mousepad on top. I suggest this so you don't have to worry about damage to the pad.

The mouse has the typical left/right buttons, a clicking scroll wheel, and two buttons on either side of the scroll wheel that can be changed to do what you want them to. By default, they can be used to move back and forth between webpages or Windows Explorer windows. Also, by default, the cursor is very sensitive to movement, so we had to adjust that setting to prevent the cursor from running away like crazy.

One issue we have with this mouse is because the mouse gets its power from the magnetic field of the mousepad, if the pad is left too close to the computer moniter, it can create interference lines on the moniter (but no permanent damage to the moniter). This is easily fixed by just moving the pad a little farther from the moniter (but still at a comfortable location).