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sparkle333 By sparkle333 on
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Because I am a Type 2 non-insulin dependent diabetic, I have to test my blood sugar several times a day. So a product that I use constantly is BD Alcohol Swabs. They are small alcohol saturated square pads, wrapped individually, which makes them very convenient, whether for use at home or on the go. I use them before injection with the lancet, to protect against any germs or bacteria. I also use them afterwards, to clean the small pin point wound left by the lancet. (If you are a diabetic, always let the alcohol dry completely before testing.)

While they are designed primarily for use with injections of different types, I have also found them to be handy for general first aid purposes, such as small cuts, scrapes or insect bites. They are very convenient for use in a first aid kit as well, as they are far less messy than pouring alcohol from the bottle. They are saturated in 70% isopropyl alcohol--the same percentage as rubbing alcohol.

Each box contains 100 foil wrapped packages. This makes them easy to transport, and they can be kept in an office drawer, a purse, or your car glove compartment. They are also easily packed in luggage, when traveling. BD Alcohol Swabs can be purchased in the pharmacy area of most chain stores, and are often found with the diabetes supplies.

Because of their many uses, BD Alcohol Swabs are a great multi-tasker!