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No More Fog On Your Dive Scuba Mask Ever!

Reviewing: Widei Llc Scuba Snorkel Mask Fog Wiper Mask Fog Wipers  |  Rating:
By mellaview on
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I am so glad that I came across Widei LLC Scuba Snorkel Mask Fog Wiper on Amazon.com. I recently had bought a new mask, and even with the spit method, toothpaste method, and baby shampoo method, the mask would fog up on me.

I seeked out forums for solutions, answers, and possibly a magical serum that would end the fog problem once and for all.

Sadly I found nothing, just when I was about to give up all hope, and just live with the fog on my dive mask, I came across Widei LLC Scuba Snorkel Mask Fog Wiper.

What a concept!? I wish I'd of thought of that moment!!!!

Basically Widei LLC Scuba Snorkel Mask Fog Wiper is nothing more than a small disc shaped magnet. One side of the magnet goes on the inside of the mask, and the other side of the magnet goes on the outside of the mask.

You simply push the magnet around the lens whenever you are fogging up.

How Did It Work For Me?

Perfectly. This is truly the answer to fog issues while diving or snorkeling. A quick push of the magnetc disc and wallah, you can see clearly again.

The magnet is also very strong, so you do not have to worry about it falling off while diving.

The thing I like most is the velvet cloth on the backing of both magnets. This ensures that your mask will not scratch.

Overall the Widei LLC Scuba Snorkel Mask Fog Wiper are must haves!

But two for dowble paned masks, and only one for a single pane mask.

This is in my opinion the best invention since...the mask! Hehe!

Divers and snorklers will love this one. I recommend you buy more than one pair. Due tothe fact that they are small, you can loose them if you are not careful.

For $6.99 per magnet, you cannot go wrong. The ultimate soultion to fogging.