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No More Hand Me Downs For Me !

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By jami on
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Hi Friends, I would like to tell you about my little pink gem. You see when I moved to Australia from the States my old cell phone didn't work on the network here. My hubby had just upgraded so I was stuck with the hand me down. I don't even remember what brand or model, we just called it the brick- shivers at the thought- any way little to my knowledge I had just put myself in a horrible cycle of always getting the hand me down phone. It did not take to long before I wised up to this cycle, and I took a stand and I told hubby, bless his heart, I wanted my own new phone. After a "discussion", you know the ones, they always end with the hubby saying "yes dear" after a day or two. :) I went to our plan provider and I picked out the most girlie phone I could find. I happen to be the Sony Ericsson Z610i, and I just love it. It is a pink flip, the top half is mirrored and it has a floating clock on the mirror when you close it, and it has a huge screen on the inside as well. The camera comes in handy at the ball field for quick happy snaps. It also has an MP3 player that I use quite often. I am very pleased with the battery life as well, I usually give it a charge about every 3 or 4 days. I am going on 18 months now and still a very happy chappy with this little pink phone. Nothing makes guys run the other way faster that a girlie pink anything. Cheers :)