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No More Leak!

Reviewing: Mitsubishi Pencil Co. Uniball Vision Elite  |  Rating:
msculit By msculit on
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I have been one unfortunate victim of a leaky pen during one of my leisure flight not too long ago. It got so nasty that my favorite leather bag got ruined, my wallet and passport holder stained forever and a part of my money tainted! Good that my bag was kept on the floor or else, it would have stained my blouse if I had placed it beside me. And that was one of my expensive pens!

I searched for a good pen after that incident because one pen cost me so much. I had to ditch my leather bag, wallet and the passport holder. And did I just mention that it was my favorite bag?

I found this Uni-ball Vision Elite pen lying on my cubicle. I had a funny feeling that it was one of the pilots who came earlier to collect something from the office. Well, finders keepers, losers weepers! I decided to "own" it.

The pen writes smoothly and has a fine tip. At first, I did not know how good it was until I checked the website and found out that it was just the right pen I need for my travels. Considering a pilot using that pen, it must be one mighty pen that can withstand cabin pressure in high altitudes.

I guessed as much. The Uniball Vision Elite is indeed a pen that can be used during flights because it can stand air pressure in the aircraft cabin. It has long-lasting pigment ink which is dark enough (Ilove pens with dark inks), has roller ball made of tungsten carbide and a tip made of steel that leaves smooth lines and a stylish design too for a modern look.

Well, I have dtiched my so-called expensive pens for this Uniball Vision Elite. I don't want anything leaking anymore. Hello Uniball! Good-bye Cross, Montblanc, Waterman...