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No More Ouch! I Got A Stretch Mark On My Tummy

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By sweetmom on
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I have been pregnant once and I developed stretch marks on my stomach at that time. Since it was my first pregnancy and since no one told me about it, I didn't take any measures which resulted in slight stretch marks. It took me two years to completely get rid of them as the stretch marks are the most stubborn things to get rid of.

But this time I am taking all the steps to prevent stretch marks from appearing. I have been using Bella B Tummy Honey butter from the second month of my pregnancy and I am very happy with it. I bought it on my sister-in-law's recommendation and I just understood why she recommended it. It is such a good product that even I would recommend it to all. I get them from wal-mart and they come in just 19$ per pack. Each pack lasts for approximately a month.


Though it is used mainly for stomach to prevent stretch marks, it can be used for whole body for a soft and glowing skin. But I use it only for stomach ( as I am a bit lazy). It just needs to be applied gently all over the tummy twice aday. I have been using it for almost four months.


1) It is very easy to apply on the skin.

2) It gives the necessary elasticity needed for the skin and thus prevents the skin from stretching with the passing months.

3) It works as a very good moisturizer besides preventing stretch marks.

4) Other very good thing about this product is that though it acts like a perfect moisturizer, it is not at all greasy and one can wear any dress after applying it.

5) I am a bit allergic to scents used in beauty products but this butter cream has a very mild smell and all the ingredients used in it are natural.


I haven't had a single discomfort in using and after using this cream.

I hope there won't be any in coming months.


It is a perfect sretch mark preventing cream and a moisturizer for pregnants. I am in my sixth month now and my skin is very soft because of this cream. I haven't developed a single stretch mark till now.