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No More Problem Nails!

Reviewing: Nailtiques Nail Protein Formula 2 .25 Oz  |  Rating:
By panther on
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My nails have always been soft. They rip easily and they also grow in a way that makes them bend down over my fingertips. I have always worn them very short for those reasons. Nailtiques is a clear protein polish that you apply once a day until your nails improve, then once every other day for maintenance. You remove it about once a week and start the application process over again (if you don't do this it starts flaking off). My nails quickly became hard and no longer bend down over my fingertips. They have not broken or ripped once since I began using Nailtiques a month ago. They are hard enough now that filing is easy and I don't have to use a clippers to cut them shorter anymore. Also the general appearance of my nails has improved. The other day my daughter asked if I had a french manicure because the whites of my nails are so white. I had nothing at all on my nails except the clear Nailtiques polish! You can apply nail polish over nailtiques if you want to.

At first glance, $10 seems like a high price for only .25 oz. of product, but it has lasted a long time for me. After over a month of use my bottle is only a quarter gone. It does tend to get thicker and a bit harder to apply as time goes on. Nailtiques makes a thinner that you can add if and when this happens, but so far I haven't needed it. I will definitely continue to use it because I'm no longer unhappy with my nails.