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No More Rotten Produce!

Reviewing: Housewares America Debbie Meyer Green Bags  |  Rating:
By Geralyn Hydock on
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These bags are terrific! I must admit that I was a skeptic in the beginning but they really work wonders! They have saved me a lot of money as I was constantly throwing away many rotten bananas. I also had a fruit fly problem which they eliminated. My fruit and veggies now stay fresh for longer periods of time thanks to these bags.

Greenbags prolong the life of your fresh fruit, produce, and also cut flowers. They are made from OYA which is a form of the natural mineral known as Zeolite. These bags absorb ethylene gases which produce emits and contributes to quick deterioration. When fresh fruit and cut flowers are stored in these bags, they stay fresh much longer than in other traditional containers. Other storage products such as Tupperware, baggies, and plastic grocery bags trap ethylene gas in your fruit and vegetables which emit it. The result is that your produce ripens much quicker, it over ripens, then rots. The same goes for fresh cut flowers. This is quite the opposite when you use the green bags for storage.

You can store these bags full of fruit on the counter and other produce can be kept in the refrigerator. Another great feature of these bags is the fact that each bag can be re-used eight to ten times before having to throw them away. Before you re-use a bag, one needs to rinse the bag out, let it dry, then re-use.

The very first thing which I put into one of these bags was a bunch of bananas. All I had to do was make sure they were dry, place them into the bag, then fold over the plastic top. Do not seal the top as it will trap gas inside causing things to ripen and rot quicker. After the bananas were inside and sealed in the bag, I placed it on my counter. To my amazement, the bags performed just as they advertised, and the bananas kept for over a week before they developed tiny brown spots on them. I have not tried out any other produce or cut flowers but if the bananas worked out so well, I am sure that other things will do just as well.

I need to warn users that the items need to be dry before putting them into the bags. If they are wet beforehand, moisture will build up and cause the contents to ripen quckly and become rotten soon after. If for some reason moisture does build up after the items are inside the bag, wipe it off with a papertowel. Try your best to keep the contents inside dry throughout their stay in the bag. there is one more warning I must tell you. Do not use twist ties to close the bags as they may puncture the bag and cause the contents to rot quickly. Before you eat the contents, you can wash them off.

These bags have saved me a lot of money on bananas and I am sure they will save me even more when I use them for other products. They are well worth the money spent. I intend to give on to my mother, my daughter, and my daughter-in-law to try out for themselves. I would highly recommend these bags to everyone as they really do work!