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No Pain, No Clean Teeth

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kalar By kalar on
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My husband is obsessive about having clean teeth and fresh breath, which means we try a lot of different toothpastes, and rarely remain loyal to a brand for more than one tube of paste. With coupon in hand (hence the lower price), I snatched up a tube of AquaFresh Advanced Whitening Toothpaste as soon as it hit our local market's shelf. Overall, this toothpaste is a great performer, if you can tolerate some mild discomfort while brushing. The whitening effect for AquaFresh Advanced was very good. I noticed, after about two weeks of use, that my teeth were definitely whiter, as were my husband's. Since he is an avid coffee drinker, and I am addicted to diet pop, the whitening ability is important. AquaFresh Advanced did not disappoint in this area. The clean feeling of the toothpaste lasted well beyond brushing time, around four hours, making me feel comfortable talking to people up close until lunch time. The breath-freshening factor also deserves high marks. In fact, since I brush at home and eat breakfast at work, the breath-freshening capabilities nearly ruined my breakfast. I am not in to minty toast. The only factor that I downgraded on this toothpaste was the taste and sensation of the toothpaste while in the mouth. This toothpaste causes a burning sensation on the tongue and the tingling actually persists after teeth-brushing is complete, and in spite of a good rinse. Using this product requires a moment to build up courage for the tingling assault on the mouth, but the pain is repaid with fresh breath, whiter teeth, and a longer-lasting clean feeling. For this reason, you may find that younger users in your household will not like it. This is definitely an adults' only toothpaste.