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No Pest Home Insect Control Spray

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Last night my daughter picked up the recycle bin to take it to the curb and under it was a huge red ant pile. She did not realize until she was being stung that her feet were covered in ants. She dropped the bin and ran to the house for help. Meanwhile, the mound was over flowing with ants and when she dropped the bin, more scattered everywhere. If you saw the scene with the ants in the last Indiana Jones movie, that is what our driveway looked like.

A few weeks earlier we had purchased a bottle of the NO Pest Home Insect Control Spray to kill some spiders that had made nests in out garage. It did a great job on killing the ones that were there and since we sprayed those, no new ones have moved in to take their place. We cleaned her up, grabbed the spray and hoped for the same great results on the ants.

The spray comes in a one gallon container that has a hose and a trigger spray attachment. It is ready to use, non staining and has no odor that I could smell. The label lists a huge amount of different insects that this spray is designed to kill which include ants, spiders and roaches. It can be sprayed directly on the insect to kill it or sprayed around the perimeter of a house or windows and doorways to be used as an insect barrier. When the spray is used indoors it claims it will last for 6 months.

First we tackled the ants she brought with her into the house, then we moved to the ones swarming outside. We sprayed the mound first and worked our way out from there. It took about 10 minutes before all movement seemed to stop and the ants all appeared dead.

The next day I went outside and check on the mound. It once again was moving with ants so I sprayed it down again. I waited the 10 minutes and came outside with a shovel and turned the dirt up. The ones on the surface had died but the spray did not saturate the ground enough to get the ones that were in deep. I turned the soil and sprayed several times and it looked like I finally had them all. I checked it again later that day and the mound was still.

I was very pleased with the results of the spray. I really liked that it had no bad smell associated with it, it was easy to use and worked. We have plenty left in our gallon but when we run out, I will be buying this again.