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No Qualms With Yes Man

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If theres one thing Jim Carrey is good at its his ability to transform any character he likes into an absolute goofball, (By the way I have to laugh as my girlfriend was asked yesterday if she found him attractive or not. She replied, "absolutely no way hes disgusting". Everyone found this jibe a bit harsh...until we discovered she had mistaken him for comedian Jimmy Carr).

But aside from all the verbal to and fro's of her bright white blonde moments, "Yes Man" was a movie I had high hopes for. Its been a while since Jim has dusted off his dunce hat and gave us more of that Mask-esque, Ace Ventura style banter that we all enjoy every now and again. It makes us think its ok to bash our heads off walls and exclaim..."Smokin", because hey, its okay, we're kooky arent we.

We've probably not seen this type of Carrey on action in full flow since Me, Myself and Irene with only brief glimpses in 2004 flick Fun with Dick and Jane. He is indeed back on form with this effort as he goes back to his roots. Indeed in one scene we see Carrey butchering his face with sellotape, resembling a cross between the Elephant Man and Liza Minnelli.

Comedies have flourished in recent years from the likes of Seth Rogen dipping his toes into the business and The Frat Pack giving us their yearly torrents of fun. "Yes Man" provides a unique little addition to the Genre. The premise is simple, Carl Allen (Carrey), must say Yes to absolutely every opportunity presented to him. This type of character is obviously right up Carrey's street and he ends up getting himself into some unusual predicaments such as attending a Harry Potter party to ordering an Iranian wife on the net!

The love interest comes from Jog Photographing, Synth/Alternative Front Lady Allison (Zooey Deschanel), who herself is something of an odd character. Support also comes from Bradley Cooper as Peter, portraying the distressed best friend. Terrence Stamp also makes an appearance as Terrence Bundley, the host and founder of the "Yes Man" cult.

All in all I found "Yes Man" an interesting and fun look into the world of freak lifestyle choices and it was nice to see Carrey back doing what he does best, the absolute inane. We all know you can do serious Jim (Number 23), now give us more of this type of comedy!