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No Reservations

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Catherine Zeta-Jones is on my list of interesting actresses. It took me a bit to see No Reservations on DVD, but it was worth the wait!

She, Aaron Eckhart and Abigail Breslin had such great chemistry together that it was sooo totally believable.

No Reservations is a slow paced movie about a “by the book” woman whose high paced job as a top acclaimed chef is her life. The only family that she, Kate, has is her sister and niece… tragically (this is in the trailer and not a spoiler) her sister dies early in the story and Kate is left to raise her niece, who she dearly loves but knows little about due to the hours she puts into her job.

Aaron plays a relaxed, well-liked chef, Nick, who is a newcomer to Kate’s kitchen.

Yeah, you can probably see where there is going… but the way that the story playfully winds and weaves through the lives of these individuals is just fun to watch when you are in the mood for a relaxing, comfortable type of movie.

I want to add that while most of the movie takes place either in a kitchen, restaurant or around food, one does not have to be a chef or a great cook to appreciate the movie. The setting actually often reflects the mood of the characters and adds to the story as it allows for more dramatic body movements and sounds which enhance the storyline rather than take away or detract from it.

I do not want to say much more, lest I spoil it for you.

There is a very nice extra on the DVD from the Food Network that includes all of the 3 main characters that was very nicely done.

I do recommend this movie for a nice relaxed afternoon or evening. Enjoy!