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No Sweat!

Reviewing: Certain Dri Antiperspirant  |  Rating:
By l_myer on
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If you live in a hot, humid climate where temperatures suddenly jetison into the 100's by early June, you're going to sweat. And you're going to sweat a lot.

I never felt that I suffered from "excessive perspiration" to the extent of seeking medical advice, but it has been a problem during these hotter months when my antiperspirant seemed to be dragging on the job by noon. I noticed Certain Dri on the deoderant/antiperspirant aisle in drugstores. Because of its austere, minimalistic white and green packaging, it's easy to miss. Certain Dri purports to be a doctor-approved, prescription strength product for those suffering from terminal dark armpit rings. But ... wasn't that me on certain days? I decided to give Certain Dri the old college try to see how well it would work on someone who didn't suffer from excessive perspiration year-round.

The first thing that I noticed was that Certain Dri is completely unscented, which is a big plus if you don't like scented deoderants (I don't). The second thing I noticed was that it has a very watery texture, so careful application is a must, otherwise most of the product could go streaming down your rib cage. (Prior to use, you do have to shake the roll-on bottle, by the way.) The third thing I noticed was that ... Wow, Certain Dri really works!

By the end of the day, my underarms were still dry and smelled clean, without any hint of odor. But how long would this last? For me, I found Certain Dri retained its effectiveness for three days before I reapplied it, although your mileage may vary. There is one caveat that applies to those of the female persuasion who shave: Because this is strong stuff, it's not a good idea to apply Certain Dri to a newly-shaved area, as it can smart and then cause a temporary rash (I found this out the hard way)!

In the cooler months, I go back to my regular antiperspirant, as those seem to be effective and are less expensive. But for those scorchingly hot summer days, Certain Dri is the perfect product to have around.