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No Thrill For Me

Reviewing: Mary Kay Extra Emollient Night Cream  |  Rating:
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This is the third item I have tried from the Satin Hands travel set I won. It is for very dry skin. I wouldn't disagree with that. When I squeeze the tube, I have to press firmly to get the product to come out. This is because the "cream" is so dense and feels just like a heavy ointment.

It is a peachy-pink, salmony color. It's pretty. Its smell is quite gentle. It smells sweet, like baby powder. Once I start applying a dab to my skin, it melts easily from the heat of my fingers. It is very shiny during the application process. It is easy to spread, but feels like I am spreading Vaseline allover my hands, and I don't love the feeling. After I'm done rubbing it in, it feels like it is just sitting ontop of my skin.

Forget about putting this on, and then trying to open a jar or going for a drive. This stuff is just too slippery. Since this product has petrolatum, mineral oil, paraffin, beeswax and candelilla wax as its top 5 ingredients, I consider this to be a good choice for someone with cracked hands and with seriously parched skin. I think it would be quite protective. It could be a great pick for wintertime.

For me, it is simply too darn greasy. Ten minutes after it was rubbed onto my skin, I'm still sitting here with it on my skin, unabsorbed. The only way this could possibly work is if someone put it on their hands right before bed and it rubbed off on their sheets during sleep. Then the product would be removed enough, and their hands would probably feel quite soft when they awoke in the morning. Then again, who would want this on their sheets?