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No Toast With This Toaster

Reviewing: Walmart" D" White 4 Slice Toaster  |  Rating:
sparkle333 By sparkle333 on
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When our toaster quit working, we went to the place we always go for most of our household needs--good old Walmart. Our preference in recent years, has always been a 4 slice toaster. It's so much easier when you are trying to make BLTs or egg sandwiches for the family, or even breakfast.

My husband picked out a really nice looking white toaster, with grey controls, and I was very pleased with how attractive it looked on our white kitchen counter. But then I used it...or tried to.

I thought that something must be wrong with me that day. I walked into the kitchen, popped a couple of pieces of bread into the toaster, and pushed the button down. But the button would only go halfway down. Part of the bread was sticking out of the top. Wondering what in the world was going on, I transferred the bread to the other side of the toaster. Unfortunately, it didn't work much better.

Time went on, and finally my husband and I compared notes, and we agreed that the thing was useless. He procrastinated for a long time though in taking it back, and seems hesitant to do so at this point. However, I have always had the best experiences with Walmart's return policy. There seems to be almost nothing that they will turn down. I told him that even though we didn't still have the receipt, probably many other people had brought back the toaster, as it seems to have an apparent design flaw.

I will keep you updated as to the results. It is a current model offered by Walmart, and it has a small circle on the front with half of it colored in silver and a capital D. That is the only brand marking that I could find anywhere on the toaster. (On the bottom it does state that it was made for Walmart.) If you see it, run (don't walk) far away!