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No Tweeze Hair Remover

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I am a licensed facial technician so during a typical work day I apply facial wax to a clientèle of mostly women. There are two different types of waxes; the 'soft' wax, which is applied with a wooden Popsicle-type looking stick, and the 'hard' wax which is applied the same way. When removing the soft wax, a strip of muslin is placed over the top of the wax, and this helps peel it away from the face. The hard wax doesn't use muslin for it's removal.

I like the No-Tweeze facial wax for my own personal use at home. Soft waxes seem waaay too messy for my taste. The No-Tweeze comes in a small tin container that typically goes into a warmer to melt it. I don't have a warmer at home, so I melt it on my stove, then transfer the wax into a microwave safe custard cup so I can microwave it when I use it again.

The wax will be thin while hot, and thicken as it cools so it's easier to work with. If you cool it too much, it won't grab the hair, so you have to keep testing it. I usually wax my eyebrows, and my upper lip to get rid of that fine fuzz that women get sometimes. After the wax is melted and cooled somewhat, I apply it with the applicator stick. When I do my eyebrows, I use a small toothpick to manage the wax better. While it's still soft, I lift a corner so I can easily remove it when it's set. If I were to follow the proper guidelines, I would apply baby powder to the area before spreading the wax, but I skip that step. It does minimizethe pain when removing the wax if you powder. When the wax gets hard, lift a corner, stretch the skin, and quickly pull the wax off! I won't lie, it can hurt, so that's why it's important use the 'quick-rip' method. If you use it in the brow area, be careful not to catch hairs in wax that you DON'T want to pull out, or you'll end up brow-less! Pluck any stray brow hair the wax doesn't catch.

The results are long-lasting, and your skin feels so smooth afterward. I only need to wax once a month, with a little plucking in between.