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Noble Collection's Dumbledore's Wand Replica

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avatarfan By avatarfan on
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Albus Dumbledore. Is there any wizard in the Harry Potter series wiser, or more powerful? Well, you can own a replica of his wand! When I had enough money saved up for this, I asked my mother to order it for me, but unfortunately, a delay in the actual ordering caused a LONG wait. I believe this was due to the amazing fact revealed about it in the seventh book, which was released between the time I asked for it to be ordered, and the time it actually was ordered. I mean one long wait! I had it ordered in late july, and it arrived mere days before halloween. I immediately opened the shipping package and then the purple Ollivander's wand box and finally revealed the wand. It looked great! It looked old and powerful, just like it should. Simply having the wand of the greatest wizard EVER in my hands was a good feeling. Picking it up and waving it felt even cooler! It was a long wait, but for a true Harry Potter fan, it would be worth it. I would certainly recommend this to any Harry Potter fan, except maybe the little kids who wouldn't really grasp the fact that it is a fragile collector's item. While the wand can indeed take waving easily, it could be damaged if dropped or hit against something. I'm not exactly sure just how fragile it is, nor do I wish to test it, but I have been assured that it is a fragile item.