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Nokia 6010

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By ntmanning on
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I believe everyone reading this will remember a few years ago when everybody had a Nokia 6010 cellular phone. It is a candybar style with no extra features, good battery life, and a durable as a brick. I have had the pleasure of using this reliable device for the past few weeks after another one of those new-fangled Nokia phones died on me. That would be the 5th one in the past year that has died, who have I turned to during the downtime? The Nokia 6010.

While the colors are bland and desaturated, the most exciting extra feature is an alarm clock, and the keypad lacks a good navigational button, it just gets the job done. The Nokia 6010 allowed me to send text messages and make phone calls, the base operations for a cell phone, without a hitch. I am a guy that loves to live on the bleeding edge with the newest item all the time, but having to use this Cell Phone was surprisingly not so bad as I thought. The keypad is better than any keypad I have used recently, except for the navigation button. There is only an up or down button, nothing side to side. This hinders the ability to quickly move through messages and menus. Nobody is going to run out and buy this phone, but it is worthy to use as a backup if anything happens to your main cell phone.