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Nokia 6120 Makes The Grade

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The Nokia 6120 is stunner phone and was one of the first NextG phones in Australia to have been released. Available in both Black and white, both sporting a silver outing fascia, it looks fairly stylish. This phone is bundled with a reasonable 256mb microSD flash card, which can house music, videos, photos and any other data files. A set of stereo earphones also comes in the box, which also has a mic for hands free. I myself am a bit of audio enthusiast and can say where there is loud noise; these earphones have neither isolation nor a powerful sound. So if you intend to use this phone as a replacement MP3 player, consider upgrading the earphones. While we are on this topic, it should be also noted that the Nokia 6120 Classic uses a 2.5 mm audio connecter rather than a standard 3.5mm connector, which can be purchased separately. An instruction manual and CD worth of phone software is also included.


The entire phone construction is made of plastic and is one thing I have to criticize about this phone. It scratches fairly easily and really wouldn't like to drop it. It doesn't fell extremely solid either. I guess that is like most phones today though, so this is not a big issue. After a bout a month of use, I've noticed the silver paint has started to come off from the d-pad. This phone isn't big at all, yet is very comfortable in my hands to hold. If you text a lot, they keypad isn't too squished for my fingers and I do not find myself hitting other buttons.


The reception of this phone is very good, and I can hear people very clearly through the speaker. This is one of the main reasons why I purchased this phone because of its great reception. Navigating through the phone is quite easy, and is running Symbian OS 9.2. The display is very clear and reading text isn't a problem. Perhaps not quite as big as an iPod screen but still decent. The camera is 2.0 Megapixels and has an LED flash. Whilst pictures look fine on the phone display, blown up on the pc, they look a bit washed out and grainy. So I wouldn't recommend this phone as a replacement camera.


The Nokia 6120 Classic is a nice phone, despite its build setbacks. It can do the basic thing like making phone calls and receiving them a breeze. Texting is easy enough, and the Mp3 player is a nice touch. If your looking for a nice midrange phone with great reception, the Nokia 6120 Classic is the phone to get.