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Nokia E51:The Neat Budget Business Phone

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Max Alex By Max Alex on
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I was looking for a feature rich phone for between 250-300 $ and the Nokia E51 was a very good match.It came with host of features like 3G, EDGE and the most important of all for me, WiFi. This is one of the few phones at this price range to have WiFi capability.

Adding to that the s60 software based platform makes it very useful for not just installing multiple applications which are available widely but also multi taksing, more like a PC. Other features include one touch keys for message/e-mail, calendar and contacts which according to me is a very important feature allowing for lesser navigation to reach a specific application.

There is a built in 2 megapixel camera, which is not all that great., but for a user like me who seldom uses the camera on the phone, it is not a problem at all. In fact the E51 is also available without a camera module too.

The overall build quality is good, with a major portion of the phone being stainless steel. Where it could have been better are the side volume buttons, and the power buttons, which are rather hard to press and also there is a slight gap between the metal fascia and the plastic portion which makes it easy for moisture or water to enter.Since I'm usually very careful with the phone, it does not seem to be an issue.

While the phone may not match up to the higher end e71 or e66 in terms of features or build quality, for the money and functionality wise, this a great phone for the price with a host of features seldom found on other phones in the same price range.

This is definitely a purchase that I'm really happy of. Now I can't imagine not having this phone as it has come very useful with its many functions that it serves; from being a dictionary, browsing the internet using WiFi to using the organiser and listening to music!