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Nokia N95

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Nokia N95


1.Nokia N95

2.Stereo headset with 3.5mm jack (rubbish)

3.Wall charger

4.Car charger

5.Mini-USB cable

6.CD with software ( I don't like it )

7.User manual

8.TV-out cable

Everyone who is interested in mobile world heard about all around exciting Nokia N95. The first Nokia phone (probably it must be said The first mobile phone of all manufactures) which has GPS receiver, and carl zeiss named 5mpx camera lens with option to capture 30 frames per second VGA rsolution video.

Body is made from beautifuly painted plastic but sadly to say plastic is cheap enough for this high level phone. squeeze a bit body and you will hear strange and not pleasant sounds mix. Nokia should have made it better.7/10

Package didn't include memory card (but i've heard somewhere memory cards are already included), so I bought 1 GB micro SD card.

For the first time i switched it on i was asked to set up time, language and other settings.

Display is capable to show 16millions colors ( called True Color screen), res.240x320 px. Unfortunetely it would be better to have VGA resolution for such a large proportions screen. Anyway, display shows off itself nicely. 8.5/10

On board user has about 130 mb internal memory + memory card (if inserted). There are 64mb RAM memory which helps to keep working minimized programs (like PC) . That means you can Listen music, Radio and play game at the same time. 9.5/10

Keypad is very good except for four-way navigation key which is too small, backlight is bright blue. This is good phone for SMS, because numbered buttons are very convenient. 9/10

Symbian performance.

This product is based on symbian S60, 9.3 v. This means that performance is much better than earlier versions and there are more and more powerful games and programs. Button response is immediate, programs are opened fast enough, though there is a little delay when phone is just turned on. 9/10

N95 is capable to show 3D graphics so games are really amazing (snakes ant system rush). I've installed fishing game, rally game whichcan be played on landscape mode. Great. 9.5/10

TV-out cable lets you to connect N95 to TV, show all photos, videos, even you can play games on TV screen. Quality is acceptable. 8/10

Camera. Well, 5 mpx made mobile world shout "WoW". Actually it is a bit different story. Camera has settings for exposure, red eyes reduction (which helps merely), few color settings, ISO setting, timer, white-balance, contrast. Generally, on daylight time you can take good, very good quality pictures which can be compared to my Canon S2. Colors are vivid. Story changes on night time. LED flash helps a bit, but final picture is washed out and blurred. it is hard to recognize people face. ISO doesn't help. SO-on bright day you don't have to take your camera-N95 makes good work.But don't expect something fabulous on night. On the other hand, there are no more camphones which can do greater job on night time. Focus is fast enough, though Canon's is faster. Video mode is one of the best - just a red color is a bit "too red, too bright". Otherwise it is perfect. Zooming is enabled, but it makes crops only, so you'd better zoom just a little. 6/10

Call quality is very good. Even in Oxford street you can talk with your friend, you don't have to shout. 10/10 of course

Battery life depends on what you do. Using as MP3 player it will last about two days. if only talk it will last about 4-5 days. if use WLAN, internet or camera a lot, it will last about 8 hours. Generally battery is not strong enough for such a device. 4/10

MP3 player. This phone is dual slide construction. it means, you must push screen down and there appears music control buttons(in my opinion they are not useful). Music player interface is is user-friendly, random playing can be selected, as well as album image supported. There are few equalizers and few audio settings. MP3 quality is not very good. Yeah, you can listen music on N95 instead of your iPod ifmusic is backround. But if you are concerned on music, you are lover to listen classic music, N95 doesn't suit you. It simply plays music, gives some bass elements, and Walkman phones from Sony Ericsson are better from this aspect. By the way, N95 supports direct 3.5mm jack, so you can plug-in your favourite headset..All in all, music player scores 6.5/10 or 7/10.

WLAN. Wi-Fi means you can search for free wireless internet spot and connect your N95. Connection is good enough, everything works normally . 9.5/10.

Internet browser. Good. probably excellent. it opens full pages, can download content, can be viewed in landscape mode, zoomed and so on. Just be sure you clear chace. 9.5/10

GPS reciever/Nokia maps. Well, sophisticated feature, that lets you to plan route .When internet connection is enabled for the first time, maps are automatically downloaded. they are free of charge.categories can be viewed on the map (such a cinemas, carrentals, shops, restaurants etc.). Program works really good, just be sure you are in opened place, i mean outdoor, where integrated receiver can catch signal. GPS data program shows your current speed, distance and so on. Because it is first phone with such a program it must be rated highly-10/10.

So, that is my second review. Many people can't decide:N95 or iPhone. iPhone has even better browser, better display, works better, faster, but it is limited on progressive programs, it's camera is rubish, though big internal memory and perfect mp3 player can be things to go for. But all in all, nokia N95 is multimedia center, while it is not perfect but its abilities are amazing and its worth money.I go for nokia. Overall score would be strong 8/10.