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Nokia N95 N Series Phone Review

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Carling Kalicak By Carling Kalicak on
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I purchased this phone just before Christmas, I thought I was going to be happy with it but truth be told other than the fancy slider and look the phone capabilities aren't anything to brag about.

I use to own a Sony Ericsson k780 and that phone was great! The picture quality was amazing with or without the flash, although I can't say the same for the Nokia as I'm not sure it even knows what a pixel is. The Ericsson graphics were cool and animated, so you could have a moving background but not with the Nokia N95 nope, there is just a couple of bland skins that are custom with the phone. The keypad is small, awkward and smooshed together so sometimes my thumb feels like it's going to give up trying. The phone unlocks if the slider moves in any direction and then when my nails are slightly longer I can't seem to use the keypad to unlock the phone because of the tight knit buttons!

The mp3 player is exceptionally good, the 3 speaker surround sound on the phone is a neat feature but sadly you can't use your mp3's as a ring-tone because the file is too large, don't worry though you can use them as an alarm tone though.

The final frustration I have with the phone is it seems like every time I am on the phone for longer than 15mins it drops the call. At this point I regret not getting the upgrade to the Sony Ericsson instead.