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Noma Led Rope Lighting

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lexxia By lexxia on
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I have this thing about lighting. I don't like high intensity lights so usually our home is pretty dark in appearance, especially during the winter months. Neither my family or I like to leave lights on in the rooms, especially if we're in one of the family rooms watching TV. That means our home can be pretty dark inside and in order to overcome the pitfalls that creates (such as stubbing our toes, walking into walls or objects etc.), I decided to pick up some of the LED Rope lighting that Noma has.

I love this lighting. I have a table in the hallway that holds several decorative items, mostly a collection of dragons and candles and the table has a frosted insert that these lights worked perfectly with. Our home is mostly blues/peaches and sand colors, a scheme that the previous owners had which actually works very nicely and gives the home a very fresh opulant feel on the main level. The first rope lighting I used was underneath the hall table, which is about 5' long and about 2' wide and has two large pottery urn legs - it looks rather nice for something that I threw together for under $15 if I may say so myself. The rope lighting shone nicely underneath the table and through the insert as well as shining on the floor beneath it. It was just enough lighting that we could always see were we were going. It was a very nice accent that I would get a lot of comments on.

When this blue rope lighting finally died - after well over 2.5 years of continuous use, I replaced it with a white LED rope light but unfortunately, it's life wasn't nearly as long and only lasted for about 14 months, but again, the light was never off so I shouldn't complain.

These rope lights are little led bulbs spaced about 1" apart and encased in a plastic sleeve which is about 1/2" round. At one end of the rope light tube there is a connector to allow you to connect to another section of rope lighting while the other end plugs into a standard electrical outlet. The rope allows you to bend and curve the lighting in almost any shape you wish without causing any problems.

The lights burn just brightly enough to give a nice glow and they look very nice as an accent lighting around almost anything. The next set I'll be purchasing shortly will be for the kitchen, to go beneath the overhead cupboards as well as along the base near the floor. We are usually in the kitchen throughout the evening and these rope lights will allow us to go in and out and do what we want without having to put on either of the over head lights.

I also have a sofa table in the living room that has a number of plants on it and rope lighting here not only allows my plants to have some light all the time but it again also acts as just enough light source to ensure we can find things when we want to.

Overall, these rope lights are very affordable, durable and long lasting, able to operate over 200, 000 hours and use very little electricity. They come in a variety of colors including white, blue, red and green and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

At some point I will be installing the rope lighting along the stairway that leads to the downstairs family room - a very economical way to ensure safety while creating a very welcoming atmosphere that is subtle and dependable.