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Nomad Jukebox Zen Nx, Its Not A Brick!!

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akenchi samanosuke By akenchi samanosuke on
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The name is Nomad Jukebox ZEN NX, but I like to call him Nomad, and I would like you guys to call him Nomad too. I bought this jukebox from ebay, actually its not me who bought, but my bro did, and he gave it to me, with the expense of half of the original price.

In Oxford Thesaurus 3rd edition, page 1224, the term 'jukebox' means some device that has plenty of storage space enough to store songs from your great-great grandfather's age to this millenium. I think Oxford has really done a good job here cause that's what exactly my jukebox what doing here. With 30GB of storage space, it is not only filled with songs of my grandpa, but also with the black and white James Bond's movie from my grandpa's year. I'm not at ease to call this baby as an mp3 player, cause its true ability surpass way beyond that. With Redchair Notmad Explorer software (free), you can easily turn this jukebox into a mobile hard disk drive. And carrying this thing around would not be as annoying as carrying that bulky hard disk drive in your pocket as your ears can take some beat of Madonna or Muse along the way. For me, this baby is a next generation of a hard disk drive, a talking one. Yeah, that's the word I'm looking for, got it!

Apart from being a digital travelling backpack, another reason me smiling in contentment while listening to this cacophony machine is the EAX feature. Sorry to say, but I'm unable to decipher the acronym, but I know what it is. EAX is similar to an equalizer ; which is nothing new cause many other mp3 players have the same ability. But believe me, EAX is as different from equalizer as it sounds. The sound effects you can choose from it is almost close to reality. For example, if you choose the bathroom environment sound effect. You'll hear the music as if you're sitting in a fragrant bathroom with the radio turned on at the corners of the room, although in reality, its just a 20$ earphone sticking to your ear wax that was producing the sound. I often use EAX to destructively interfere the deafening howl of the metro's screech while I'm having my daydream in the metro. It feels like home, although when I'm not.

Apart from that, another thing I love about this Nomad is because of its big size! Yeah, you won't see a bigger portable music player than this baby, I bet ya, in a thousand years! Nomad's monstrosity is not a disgust for me, cause this is how this baby got its fame, indirectly giving me part of the popularity. Carrying Nomad in your pocket will get people to notice you cause they'll see the outline of Nomad stretching out a shape of a rectangle line at your pocket's cloth. Then, the next thing you'll heard from them people is, "Is that an mp3 player, my gosh its big" and there it begins your first stairway to fame. For me, its much more convenient, cause you can guess where the buttons are located on the device because of its distinguishable topography, rather than using iPod or something smaller, you can't even press the button with your little finger, much less trying to press the button when you're wearing a glove during winter. :P

Yeah, Nomad its not a brick, its more than just a brick. I like it, even if it is a brick. Yeah!!~~