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Non Toxic Way To Catch Pests Tomcat

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I had trouble with mice getting in my greenhouse and eating some of my seeds. I needed to find a way to stop them, but I hate traps, and mouse poison can sometimes take days to work. I settled on buying the Tomcat glue board mousetrap. The Tomcat Glue boards come with 4 in the pack. The package says they are treated with a natural anesthetic, Eugenol. The glue board can be used flat or can be folded and held together with tabs to make a covered trap. The glue on the trap is non-toxic, so if a pet or child would get into it, they would be safe, unlike mouse poison. These not only catch mice, but other household pests. Any pest that walks across the board will be stuck instantly. The best place to put the trap is up against the edge of a wall where you think the pest may be traveling.

I put the four traps in various places around my planting flats. I didn't catch anything the first day, even though I saw signs that they had been there, searching for seeds. The second day I finally caught one. It was alive when I found it and being the animal lover that I am, it really made me feel bad that I had caught it. I guess I wasn't really thinking when I bought it, that I would have to see the mouse struggling to get loose. Apparently the natural anesthetic they treated the board with did not work, or I found the mouse right after it was captured. I decided this was not the trap for me. I decided to use screening to protect the seeds and leave the mice alone.

I would say that these are good traps, that will stop mice in their tracks, but if you're an animal lover, you might want to find another alternative.