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Norco Pain Relieving Tablets

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Steven Rupp By Steven Rupp on
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I am disabled with severe scoliosis. I have had 6 operations in 6 years, including the removal of a testicle, and most recently - steel rods screwed into my spine in order to try to stabilize it.

By sharing this with all of you, I am trying to explain the incredibly severe pain that I suffer from 24/7. This includes my lower back, right hip, leg, and testicle. It's excruciating and unrelenting.

The only thing that the doctor can do for me is to try and manage my pain with medicine. And the severity of my pain requires the use of prescription narcotics.

I take NORCO, which is hydrocodone. Hydrocodone comes under many names, including Vicodin, Lortab, Lorcet, etc. All of these are mixed with acetominophen (Tylenol). Prolonged use of acetominophen can lead to liver damage, so the reason that I take NORCO is that it has the least amount of acetominophen per tablet as compared to the other brands. (10/375 vs. 10/500 or even 10/750).

I have taken just about every other prescription pain medicine available, and I would recommend NORCO as being the best. It provides excellent pain relief, with the least side effects. I tolerate it very well. The other medicines either didn't relieve the pain, or they made me sick.

Any person that is suffering from chronic pain should ask their doctor about NORCO. A doctor-supervised regimen of this drug can give you a better quality of life.