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Nordic Track Recumbent Stationary Bike

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I hate to exercise. I absolutely hate it. But, it's something I am very aware that I need to do. Being someone who can't handle heat or humidity, I opted for an indoor activity. I already have a treadmill, but it's so boring and I actually caused a foot problem by using it. So, the next idea was a bike.

Years ago I had one of the old style bikes, the kind that sit straight up and are miserable, especially on your rear end. I rode it, several of my family members borrowed it, yet the total mileage on it after 20+ years was barely 800 miles. It was obvious that no one was getting much out of it healthwise.

When I first saw the recumbent style bike, it looked interesting. But, it was still a bike and I thought it would be like the last one. I was totally wrong. This one is actually pretty good. It's much more comfortable to be leaning back and having back support instead of having to sit up straight. The angle of the pedals is comfortable too. In addition, there is a small fan on the control panel that I use all the time. The negative part is that it only works while pedaling. If I stop, so does the fan. Who designed that stupid idea?

Because I can lean back and keep my arms in a comfortable position, I am easily able to read a book as I pedal. There is a little shelf that will hold the book when I'm not reading it.

The control panel lets you set your own performance goals, so it can be programmed if you choose. I never did that as I just set the speed for what feels comfortable at the time, then increase the difficulty as I can.

There are two open box-type spaces that I can stick my water bottle into and I put my cordless phone in the other one. Having these items handy help me get through my time on the bike. It's really not bad once I make myself get started and if I read while pedaling, I am amazed at how fast the time goes by.

My only complaint about this product is the seat. When will they learn to put decent padding on those things? Other than that, this bike has all that I need, except someone else to ride it for me.