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Noriko's Dinner Table (The Suicide Club 2)

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By kasouyumi on
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Let me just tell you, that you might find yourself snoozing from time to time, or simply lose interest. You can only watch Noriko's Dinner Table for so long. It depends on what you're into. If you love blood, gore, and monster movies, then this isn't the right film for you.

Norkio's Dinner Table is like the sequel to The Suicide Club. It deals with the same issues: cults, suicide, school girls with problems...serious stuff. There is nothing horrific about Norki's Dinner Table at all. No monsters, ax-killers, or supernatural accurances.Then again, you don't have to have all of that in order for a movie to be classified into the horror genre. There is some blood, but not in a crazy amount. The movie does feature some scenes from the first Suicide Club, and it possesses the same morality.

Let me warn you, this film can get dull at some points. I actually fell asleep at one part, and missed some parts, so I had to watch the movie again in order to understand it. After watching it the second time around (without snoozing), I still didn't get some of it. It's like the movie intentionally tries to confuse you sometimes!

I give this movie a 3.9 rating. It's a nice show, but it could've been a better film in my opinion.