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Norton 360: Wanna Go Back To Where You Started?

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forbiddenglory By forbiddenglory on
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"All-In-One Security." "The most comprehensive protection available."

The usual case: immediately once someone glimpses upon these lines, and with the reputation of Norton that many are familiar with - and not to mention the price, one can't help but to think that 'this is the real deal'. Story is, a long while back, I actually decided to give this a try after eyeing it for a couple of weeks, thinking that there might just be something that's better than what I had been using at that time, which was separate protection (one program for an anti-virus, one for a firewall, and so forth).

Needless to say, the protection I was receiving courtesy of these programs were well indeed above average, but the fact that you can't rely on someone else's bad luck or experience on a particular item, but your own was exactly what I had in mind, so there I went, and there went the 80 bucks that I had spent on this. Simply said, this piece of software is just not worth it since this just so happens to be, quite possibly in my opinion, the worst program that Symantec has ever released.

The installation ate up quite some time, and as far as updating it... well that's a whole 'nother story. For the sake of keeping it as basic as possible, the program just seems to not even have a clue how to update itself - after leaving the computer on for three hours, there was no progress whatsoever and updating protection programs is of high importance - that is, of course, if one wants to keep their computer running as smooth as possible.

Virus scans are weak; I used another program which was free and it picked up two, which in terms of completion reached the finish line in a little over an hour, whereas Norton 360 picked up nada, coming in last place in a total of the inevitable quarter of a day (six hours for starters).

The interface, as far as appearance, looks good but don't let that fool you as that one piece is far from being important. Leaving my computer on for seemingly the entire day, just waiting to receive even ONE update? No thanks. Avoid this at all costs.