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Norton Internet Security: A Waste Of Money

Reviewing: Symantec Norton Internet Security 2004  |  Rating:
Candida Eittreim By Candida Eittreim on
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I tried Symantec's Norton Security Suite because so many people, including security pro's, recommended it. I had been renewing since 2001 and thought I was secure. Then I began getting locked out of my own firewall admin panel. And updates were not accessible at all. I tried contacting Norton through their help section, but no one had any answers to help me understand what was happening. One "expert" suggested something had corrupted and to just wipe my hard drive and reinstall Norton. I did-twice.

What I discovered last year was that this was an exploit used by crackers to hook the graphic user interface and take over your system. The GUI is that cheerful user friendly panel that guides you through setup and monitoring tasks. For $69.99 that's an expensive way to learn that not all internet security products perform as promised. There are improved Norton products out there now, but still, once my trust has been breached I won't be back for another try. My computer is my livelihood and it is not worth having it damaged because a big corporation won't own up to its vulnerabilities. There are less expensive and very effective firewall products out there. Be an intelligent consumer and do your research before buying an overhyped expensive piece of computer software.