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Not 1, Not 2, Not 3, But 4 In A Row!!!

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compeek By compeek on
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Connect Four is a classic favorite. This game puts it in electronic form. It’s perfect for the kids on long car trips.

The display shows a blue frame that looks similar to the real game. Black and white circles represent you and the computer. They are just like the red and black checkers used in the real thing.

To select the column you want your checker to go in, you use the left and right arrow buttons, then press Enter to drop it. If you win, checkers you won with flash in a row. If you need a hint while playing, there is a Hint/Demo button that moves the checker to the column it thinks you should put it in. The sound button mutes or unmutes the sounds, which is perfect for when everyone in the car is getting sick of hearing the electronic noises.

There are two types of games to play. One is the standard one like the real game. In the second type of game, you only get a few seconds to see the checkers in the grid. Then they disappear and you have to move your checker to the desired spot based on memory. This makes it more difficult because you have to make a decision quickly. There are three skill levels to choose from that make the computer harder to beat.

This is an addicting game for playing in the car, or simply while sitting in a chair at the house.