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Not A Pain In The Backside. A Bicycle Gel Seat!

Reviewing: San Marco. Gel Seat For Bicycle  |  Rating:
Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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I am reviewing a bike seat I bought, the seat in question is a Gel seat, meaning exactly what it says, it contains Gel, making the seat confort to the shape of your bum. I bought mine at my local cycle shop, and the cost was just under ten Pounds Sterling. My version is sold as a seat, but you may find them under the title "Saddle", either way, they are very good. I had not been on a bike for a few years, and was given an old Mountain baike for commuting to work on. It soon became apparent that the seat was like sitting on the crossbar.

The dimensions are :- Length 265mm Width 165mm, I find this is an everage size, although I must say it could be just a tad bigger. The shape is described as "Anatomical", and I can well believe these seats are designed, rather than just stamped out in the factory.

The inside of the seat contains steel rails, and springs, covered with a hard wearing synthetic covering, containing the special Gel. The entire seat weights just over 400 grammes, so it is no heavier then a normal seat. Mine is black, although these do come in a few other colours.

The seat comes with instructions, which were in plain English, the fitting was simple, requiring just a bike spanner, although I oiled all fittings to prevent rust. The covering is a matt finish, but does not absorb wetness, if left out in the rain, it wipes dry.

I did not buy this seat because of some "designer look" or because I thought it would improve my cycling speed, I got it because I found the original seat was just "a pain in the backside". I am well pleased I got this seat, because without it, I would probably not use my bike for anything but the shortest journeys. I can thoroughly recommend these.

I also recommend you to read the instructions, and set up the seat for height, and angle correctly, it does make a big difference. I suppose I should also recommend the use of a cycle helmet.

Take care.