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Not Gone Wigglin

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Dana Collie By Dana Collie on
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I have a nine year old daughter and I always take care of my three year old nephew. They both love playing in the water no matter where it is, bathtub, pool, mud-puddles, dogs water bucket.. Yes I went outside one day and found them sitting in the dogs water buckets. So when I seen this toy on the shelf at Toys R Us I knew I had to have it for the kids. It was supposed to move the arms with pressure from the water. I brought it home and it looked easy to set up. So I let my daughter set it up because she wanted to.

I was sitting on the patio watching her struggle, saying she is a big girl and she can do it. After about 2 minutes she finally gave up, I went over and looked at the toy and my hose. The garden hose that we had would not fit it. I tried my other hose and that one did fit it. It was not a tight fit because it leaked when the hose was turned on.

We turned the water on, my nephew started giggling, a good sign. After about two minutes of run time the arms of the caterpillar got tangled up. We untangled them and turned back on the water and they tangled up again and started spraying water out of only the antennas, which got my nephew right in the eyes. I turned it on low water pressure and untangled the arms again. The arms were moving very slow, and the bug itself started falling over.

This Sprinkler is very cheaply made and does not work well. I did take the toy back to Toys r us and got a refund. At this moment my daughter and nephew are soaking up the water in the dog bucket.

The dogs buckets are cleaned every other day and the are actually large metal feeding troughs.