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Reviewing: Big Fish Games & Youda Games Baby Blimp  |  Rating:
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I recently downloaded this game, Baby Blimp. It was made by Big Fish games in association with Youda games. When I first saw the screenshot on a forum, I was interested in it and so I found myself seeking this game on a search engine. The game itself is about helping storks making babies (from a baby making machine) and delivering the babies into the parents who ordered them. It may seem very easy at first, but after some levels it’s already beginning to get harder and harder. I was surprised at how fast it was to get to the harder level (I mean, it shouldn’t be that fast). The baby making chores are things like selecting the baby sex (girl or boy) depending on the order, balancing them when they are about to fall down, giving them toys and bottled milk (we have to boil the milk first), wiping their face with cloth, throw the dirty cloth to the dustbin, bathing them, putting them to bed, wrapping them and sending them to their parents. The sending chores are of selecting which stork we should send and we have to be very careful not to send the wrong sex to the parents’ house. When a level is complete, you will gain a promotion, like officer, captain, etc. Of course if you complete the expert goal, you will get a gold medal. The goal score will depend on how fast you do each chore.

The sound and music background are good. Not brilliant but good. The graphics is just okay, I mean, I don’t quite like the graphics. I encounter some errors while playing the game, like the sound of the heavy rain is still on while in fact we already exit to the main menu, and the ordered sex selection light on the baby making machine stays on the same sex and that makes the pressing button doesn’t work.

I think the gameplay is quite promising for a dash / time management game like this, but the execution is too hard for a simple game, not to mention the errors. I found myself wanted to quit at some times and wanted to just uninstall the game. But I was intended to play this until the end. Ehm, I don’t think I would recommend this game.