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Not So Safe Baby Gym

Reviewing: Fisher Price Patterns, Motion & Music Jungle Gym  |  Rating:
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My friend lent me her Fisher-Price Patterns, Motion & Music Jungle Gym when my baby was 4 months old. I like the interactivity that it offers because when the baby presses the button, the three jungle animals would move to the music. I also like the introductory tune that will prepare the baby when the gym will operate.

I also like the jungle theme. The animals are colorful and the mat where the baby is lying down is very attractive for a baby. It has a lot of blacks and whites and reds, ideal for younger infants.

But I have one problem with this baby gym--its stand, which is actually very attractive with its animal prints, is not very sturdy. I believe this jungle gym is designed for babies who do not move around much. And this is definitely not safe for my baby. Although it is said in the packaging that we should not leave baby with it in the crib, it is still not safe even if I am with my baby. The stands, which are made of soft stuff, is inserted in plastic stands. But they wobble, and with my energetic baby, one turn from her and the entire gym will collapse. And since it is battery operated, the area where the animals are connected is really heavy and if it hits the baby's head, will really cause a lot of injury.

So in order to make the most of this jungle gym, we use the mat on the bed where she plays so that her mind will be stimulated with the colors. Then we tied the upper half on her crib where she can safely push the button and enjoy the dancing animals and music without the danger of it coming down on her.

If I were to buy this product, I would not. Since this was borrowed, we made the most of it. I would buy sturdier baby gyms.