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Not So Sure About Fibersure

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By aura on
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Fibersure is a fiber supplement in powder form that you mix into beverages or soft foods. It has 5 grams of dietary fiber per serving (a serving is a heaping teaspoon).

One of the reasons I really wanted to try Fibersure was because I'm notoriously bad at getting fiber into my diet on a regular basis, and Fibersure had the highest amount of fiber per serving out of all the fiber supplements I'd heard about. I've had the bottle sitting on my desk for a few months, but I haven't been using it on a regular basis and you'll see why below. First, it claims to be a clear-mixing fiber supplement that is flavor-free, grit-free, and non-thickening. So is it really:

Flavor-free? Check.

Grit-free? Not really.

Non-thickening? I assume this applies to food, but I usually only use this in beverages and haven't noticed a thickening of those when I add Fibersure to them.

When I add the heaping teaspoon serving to my beverages (usually water) and stir it in, the fiber powder doesn't dissolve easily. I'll usually get clumps that collect on the bottom of the cup/glass I'm using. Those will dissolve over time if you let the water sit there, or if you continue to stir vigorously for a few minutes. And since I'm a lazy type of person and I don't feel like having to stir constantly just to get the lumps out, I ended up only taking Fibersure once or twice a day every few days (or even every few weeks), which is why I still have the first bottle in my possession.

For this reason, I'll be sticking to Benefiber on a more regular basis for easier mixing, even though it has less fiber per serving than Benefiber.