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Not The Best But I Love It!

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About a year ago, I started REALLY wanting a tablet. I was into drawing at that time, so I started searching. I wanted to find one I could afford, so I had to end up getting a pretty small tablet.

For anyone who doesn't know, a tablet works sort of like a mouse. Or the stylus does anyway. When you have the stylus over the tablet, it works exactly like a mouse. You can click on stuff, draw stuff, pretty much do anything a mouse can, except now the movement is much more exact, because most people are more accoustomed to a pen than a mouse. Tables are pretty cool even if you're just going to use them as a mouse, like I do now.

Well, this tablet is small. I measured it, and the size of the space everything works on is 6 x 3.75 inches. This size is okay for drawing, and it works perfectly as a mouse.

To move the cursor, simply hold the stylus about half and inch above the tablet and move it around. To click, tap the stylus. To right click, there is a button on the side. There are also some buttons on the tablet itself, and the stylus also has an eraser that only some programs understand, and it comes with some software. This tablet also comes in white and blue, but I have black.

Using the stylus is far more comfortable than using a mouse once you get accoustomed to the change. I don't think you'd regret buying this, I know I love it, even though I rarely do more than doodle these days.