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Not What I Hoped For

Reviewing: Carefree Pantiliners With Tea Tree  |  Rating:
poshpost By poshpost on
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I bought a pack of Carefree Pantiliners with Tea Tree by mistake. I was just discharged from the hospital from my C-Section delivery and I passed by the drugstore in order to buy pantiliners for the discharges I was having. I was still disoriented because of all the medications that were given to me prior, during, and after delivery that although I knew what I needed, I didn't know what I got.

When I got home, I wondered why I paid so much at the store so I looked for my receipt. I saw that I paid a lot for a pack of 20 pieces of pantiliners. I couldn't do anything so I used the product. The tea tree on the pad was supposed to deodorize the pad from the odors of women's discharges. However in my case, it did nothing on my after birth discharges. To make matters worse, everytime I have a gush of discharge, I have to change the liner because the fluid to seep through to my undies. This is because Carefree Pantiliners are breathable and thus the outer part is made of something woven. Uggh...I would change pads and then change undies as needed--double cost, double effort.

But I continued to use it because I already bought it. After I consumed everything, never did I buy this product again. Too expensive for something that doesn't work.